Find the perfect destination, the ideal venue, receive the best deal and save time and resources

"There is no comparison when it comes to EMC Meetings & Events -- I use them for everthing!

They save us considerable time and money.  Their side-by-side hotel comparison analysis is so detailed and organized, making decisions so much easier!"

Ingersoll Rand

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EMC Meetings & Events knows that sourcing meetings is time consuming, expensive and resource intense. We have the technology, buying power and expertise to find you the ideal venue in the perfect destination and at the right price every time! And, it’s complimentary as we are compensated directly by the hotel. By leveraging all our business volume represents documented cost savings in excess of industry averages.   

EMC Meetings & Event's team of site selection experts helps you negotiate your contract, coordinates site visits, and prepares side-by-side comparisons on rates and availability. In addition, we provide a preliminary budget of total costs of each venue or destination inclusive of other meeting expenditures such as air, ground and offsite events.  For each meeting or event, EMC Meetings & Events prepares comprehensive cost savings and cost avoidance reports including spend by chain, total room nights, hours used for our external resources and much more.   

Your Return on Investment
  - Services are at no direct cost to you
  - Save significant time – 35+ hours per meeting
  - Increase staff’s bandwidth to handle more without hiring additional staff
  - Negotiating power from EMC Meetings & Events combined volume of accounts
  - Documented cost savings and cost avoidance 

Features and Benefits of Sourcing

  • Technology to Support Meeting Registration and Approval Process Option
  • Dedicated  Account Manager Contact
  • Customer Advocates – We have Full Time Staff; Our Employees Do Not Work on Commission
  • Strong Vendor Relationships and Buying Power
  • Online Access to More Than 250,000 Venues Worldwide
  • Customized Side-By-Side Comparison Analysis
  • Site Visit Coordination
  • Expert Contract Negotiators, Eliminating Continuous Back and Forth
  • Meeting Cost Roll-Up Report
  • Bill Retrieval, Review, Reconciliation and Resolution
  • Documented Cost Savings and Cost Avoidance Reports
  • Service Reward Program Option

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