Innovative Tips to Increase Brand Visibility for Your Meeting

By: EMC Meeting & Events / 14 Sep 2021
When planning a meeting, you expect the best outcome in terms of attendance. While this is possible, it may not be the reality on the ground if you do not apply the right strategies. This is why it is imperative to take time and learn various techniques to create brand visibility and attract more people to your event for maximum impact. Here are workable tips for creating brand visibility for your event.

Use Social Media Platforms

Today, there is no doubt that millions of people have multiple social media platforms to connect with brands. Social media platforms are excellent tools to increase brand visibility for your upcoming meetings while spending less time and money. Posting updates about your event on your social media platforms will inform your followers about the type of event you plan to have, the schedule, the location, time, and other crucial information. It is imperative to keep posting daily to keep your followers updated on any changes. Use various social media platforms with many followers to attract a large audience. Do not forget to give feedback and clarification on any concerns or questions that your followers may have.

Screens and Digital Signage

Most people pay close attention to screens and digital signage adverts. Make the information available on screens and signage and place it strategically for quick access by your target audience. This could be within your premises or any other place suitable to spread the message to your audience. Ensure the screen and signage has valuable information about the event. If you have to include images, let them look professional and of high quality. The images should also be visible and fit the screens properly.

Dedicated Website

We can help you build a customized and dedicated website to post the meeting details and provide attendee registration. Post relevant information and link the site to your social media pages to increase visibility. This will encourage more viewers and prompt them to fill in forms providing their contact details and other relevant information. This is an excellent way to determine how many people will come to your event. It helps you prepare well and set your expectations straight.

Email Promotions

If you have an email list of your target audience, you can promote your meeting by sending out emails. Draft the details of what you plan to send to your audience and create a schedule. It is possible to automate the emails to make them more personalized. Group your audience into different segments based on their demographics. This includes their location, interests, age, and sex. It will be easier to send out targeted emails, allowing your audience to make informed decisions quickly. Fortunately, promoting your upcoming event via email is among the best ways to get quality feedback at a very minimal cost.

Print T-Shirts

Branding T-shirts is another effective way to promote your event. Your employees can act as your brand ambassadors to quickly pass the message to your target audience. Print t-shirts with customized information about your upcoming event and let your employees wear them in and out of the office. While branding t-shirts may seem costly, you can always find cheaper options like branding in bulk at a lower price. Let the message on the t-shirts be clear that none of your target audience will have to guess about the meeting details. If you do it right, you will get maximum impact without spending much money.

Actively Engage Sponsors and Speakers

If you're planning to invite sponsors and speakers to your meeting, you should tag them on various social media platforms as you post content related to the meeting. Your sponsors and speakers should be able to share your posts often. They can also copy and paste the same content on their social media platforms to attract more viewers. So, approach your sponsors and speakers and inform them about your intention to tag them in your posts. Do this frequently, providing valuable information that will draw the attention of your target audience.

Social Media Shares

Never underestimate the power behind sharing posts on social media platforms. It is possible to attract more people to your event if you encourage post sharing, no matter the number of your followers. When posting content, ensure the share button is active. At the end of your content, encourage your followers to share the message with their family, friends, and colleagues on different platforms. This will pass the message across to many people, thus, encouraging maximum attendance at your event.

The Bottom Line

Using the tips above will increase brand visibility and attract a large audience to your event. If you're planning a meeting soon and do not know how to create brand visibility, contact us, and we can help you plan your event immediately.

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